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Indica/Indica Hybrids 

Eleven Roses: 56- 63 days- Medium-100%

Peyote Critical: 56-63 days -Small To Medium- 90%

Violator Kush: 56-63 days- Medium- 80%

Purple Punch: 60-70 days- Medium- 80%

Bubba Hash: 56-63 days- Medium- 70%

Ice Cream Cake

9 Pound Hammer

50/50 Hybrids

Cherry lemonade- 56-63 Days- Medium

White Widow- 60-65 days-  Medium

Black Jack - 60-65 days- Small to Medium 

Jacks Cleaner: 50-70 days, Medium 

Sativa/Sativa Hybrids

Durban Poison: 63-70 days Medium-100%

Columbian Gold: 70-90 Days, Tall-100%

Jack Herer: 63-70 days, Medium 80%

Strawberry Daiquiri: 60-70 Days Medium Height-70%

Liberty Haze: 63-70 days, Medium Height- 60%

* Note to outdoor growers smaller plants finish earlier. Sativa and Sativa hybrids will finish on time if you shorten the veg cycle. Best to plant late spring so they are smaller when they flip to flower. 

* Warning very large Sativa's seldom finish in time.

*Note all clones availible can be purchased at Roots & Weeds 606 Moosehead Trl (Rt 7) 

 Newport, Maine  207-368-6211

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