Clones vs Seeds

Are They Clones?

Clone is actually a slang word for a cutting. Cuttings taken from the vegetating mother. Because the cuttings are from the mother, their the exact same plant. This cuts out the risk of having a male plant. Clones give you exactly what you liked about the mother. As exact copies they will carry over all the mother traits including, size, smell and taste. 


What are seeds?

Some growers view starting from seeds as a more "pure" way to grow. Although seed banks offer a higher gemmation rate, not all seeds are going to sprout. No matter what you do some are just duds. Each seed of the same strain has a different phenotype, just like siblings, they share the same parents but look different. If you were to plant 10 seeds you will see differences between, height, size smell and yield. 


Horticulture clones are not a copy, they are a continuation of the mother therefor the exact same. That way there is no degradation (decline on deterioration in plant characteristics)